Meet our Cat + Raven Collective featured gallery artist and other artists that have their work shown regularly at our location in Thousand Oaks. We are currently looking for additional artists to join the Collective. Contact us directly at for availability.

Andrea Shear

Andrea Shear is an artist, designer and illustrator from Los Angeles, CA. She studied art and design at Oxford Brookes University in England and at the New York School of Visual Arts where she received her BA in Computer Art. After moving back to Los Angeles to work for a time in visual effects and graphic design, Andrea felt compelled to return to her true passion of drawing, painting and storytelling through mark-making. 

Andrea creates dreamy narrative imagery through the use of oil paint, ink, and watercolor and the subtle juxtaposition of light and dark elements. Many of her pieces depict the fertile relationships between childhood, nature, curiosity and memory inspired in part by Andrea’s experience as a mother and her love of the outdoors.

Ava Estrada

Ava has an immense thirst for international culture. She is constantly inspired by design in fashion, art, architecture, and nature. Her artwork is as diverse as the ever changing world that is her muse.

Her artwork is both whimsical and honest. It is not afraid to express all ranges of human emotion and happiness. It represents both the light and dark of the world, and often the complex moment where both forces inter-join.

Now, and in years to come, Ava professes to use her artistic talents to entertain, and uplift the world around her.

Annie Hahn

Annee attended college at California State University, Sacramento taking nearly every art class offered, and especially enjoyed her first class in oil painting. She received a Bachelors of Arts degree in Fine Art and fell just short of completing a Minor in Journalism. After graduation she moved from northern California to Westlake Village in 1987 and worked in school fund raising, then spent a few years living in Woodland Hills tending bar and managing a Red Robin Restaurant. She worked in marketing for General Motors, Saturn Corporation, and J.D. Power & Associates. She quit the work force in 1994 to have her first son, Erik. Her second son Andrew was born 15 months later, and she became a stay-at-home-mom.

Annee volunteered for ten years teaching Art Masters program at her children’s elementary and middle schools. She was Chairperson for PTA sponsored Reflections art program where she coordinated the judging, awards, plaques, ribbon, flyers, etc. for a visual art, photography, literature, film, and dance competition. In 2002-2003 she was the Art Specialist at University Elementary School where she created, designed and taught art lessons to all 18 classrooms each month.

She began taking painting classes again in 2000 and “fell in love with oils” and paints in very bright, saturated colors. She became a member of the Westlake Village Art Guild in 2006 and showed paintings and collages in various shows at the Thousand Oaks Community Gallery and Civic Arts Plaza. She had 16 paintings, oils and watercolors, and collages on display in two separate shows and the Westlake Village Library for two months each. She snowed over 40 pieces including her collage work at Studio 316 Gallery in Thousand Oks with two other artists and had a booth at the “Jazz and Wine Festival” and “Arts Alive” at Studio Channel Islands.

Annee moved from oil painting to ‘mixed-up media’, using found objects to make one-of-a-kind sculptures out of old guitars, phones, a football and a cow skull to name a few. She had a show at The Hillcrest Center for the Arts from September 2022 through January 2023 showcasing her “Six-String Bling” collection of eight guitars. She was Historian for the Arts Council of the Conejo Valley, attending numerous art gallery receptions to photograph art and artists for inclusion on the ACCV website. Anne worked as a framing/sales associate at Aaron Brothers Art and Framing, was an aide for special education students at Colina and Redwood Middle Schools for six years, and currently sells plants at a garden center. She also enjoys playing guitar, cooking, baking, gardening and sewing!

Gordon Durich

With a father who was a prolific and successful artist, Gordon “Gordo” Durich was bound for a career in art. He started dabbling in ink and drawing as a boy.
Pen and ink is Gordo’s favorite medium. He is also very fond of Mixed Media. 
His work has been exhibited in galleries and spaces and Juried shows from Melbourne, Australia, (his hometown) to New York, L. A., Westlake Village, Agoura Hills and Ojai. 
He was appointed Artist-in-Residence at Snapdragon Healing Arts Center, Thousand Oaks (his home of many years) and more recently Self Designs Art Gallery, Sacramento.
His work is on display at the Cat + Raven Collective, Crown and Anchor pub and Historia Bakery, Thousand Oaks; Tifa Chocolate and Gelato and GraphAids, Agoura Hills.
He is also a writer.

Lori Sortino,
Essence Captured

Lori Sortino is an equine photographer living in Hollister, who spent several years here in Thousand Oaks.  Lori has been a professional photographer since 2006, and has enjoyed the expressive arts since childhood. She can be found photographing Hunter/Jumper competitions, Equestrian Eventing (cross country and dressage), Cutting Competitions, and polo as well as marathons, triathlons, cycling, professional tennis, and other sporting events.  Lori offers equine photography workshops in the Central Coast area.  She creates fine art images of horses by visiting mustang and rescue sanctuaries, working ranches, and premier equine breeding facilities.  Lori also enjoys playing tennis and hiking.  She is married to Thomas Sortino and has 2 adult children (Jen McClellan and Daniel Steed) who are living in L.A. and Hollister, respectively.  Lori received her Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Art and Design from Cal Poly, where she also studied photography.  Her web site is

Lori Sortino
Essence Captured Photography

The Essence Captured Equine Photography Group

{ Lori is our featured gallery artist through October 30—December 30, 2022, with unframed prints and other retail items available in our retail shop. }

Cara Stephens,
dearcaralou studios

Cara is a Los Angeles-based artist and interior stylist. Her lifelong passion for creating environments that feel joyful, welcoming, and comfortable has culminated in an obsession for the art form that delivers the biggest impact for any space — murals!

Available for travel to wherever in the world your wall is.

{ Be sure to see Cara’s custom mural painted just for Cat + Raven Collective next to our retail section in the shop. }

Christine Marie Tringali

I am a mixed medium artist, ranging from drawing, painting, writing, lapidary, and sculpture.

Mushrooms have always been a focal point in my life. I truly love everything about them, and have even had a repeating dream of mushrooms since I was a child. I have always been very much a child of nature, and my work reflects that.

My current focus is on creating my original “Sea Shrooms” sculptures, made with love, from various shells and corals, accented by charged crystals. I first choose a self-collected wooden base, then go with the natural flow of the wood. I position the Sea Shrooms and crystals with the intent of forming a conduit for optimum output. Each piece I create, is encoded with activations unique to the one it chooses, so let them speak to you.

{ Be sure to check out Christine’s beautiful sculptures in our retail shop. }

Lisa Fern Nix,
Studio Fern Ceramics

Growing up along the coast of California, I was lucky enough to spend most of my free time in the Santa Ynez Valley. I’ve always felt at peace when I am outside exploring and learning about the world around me, forever curious of the wonders of nature. Over the years I’ve become immersed in wild foods, and in seeking a deeper connection with the land I became a chef and avid forager. I am excited to share my new creative journey with Studio Fern ceramics, combining both my passion for the outdoors and wild food. I hope to create pieces that are not only functional but can capture the simplicity and magic of the natural world around us.

{ Be sure to check out Lisa’s beautiful ceramics in our retail shop. }